“It’s not your fault… at one time or another, we’ve all found ourselves painfully aware that the love we once shared, with that “Special Someone,” is no more.…”

“What you do next, will forever decide whether the love you’ve lost is on pause or gone forever!”


You’re old enough to know that love like this doesn’t happen everyday. You’re kicking yourself for not paying close enough attention to the problems in your relationship and now you feel helpless…

But all is not lost


Hi, I’m Lori Pinkerton, Founder of Romance Rewind and Attract Your Ex Blueprint System. I’m a very positive person. In fact, people tell me they love being around me because I’m always so upbeat. But what I’m about to tell you in the next few paragraphs is NOT very positive.

I’m telling you because it’s the TRUTH.

One day you awaken to find yourself in the midst of a shattered relationship. The waterfall of passion that once flowed abundantly and freely has dried up. This lack of passion and emotional connectivity causes your partner to utter the infamous words “I love you, but I’m not in love with you anymore,” or worse yet “I just need some time to work this out alone.” I bet you remember those words as if they were uttered yesterday. Initially, it may seem like this crisis appeared out of thin air but if you’re truly honest with yourself, you know it didn’t.  You knew that there were a few struggles and underlying issues but you never thought it would come to this.

Most people are completely blindsided by this type of break-up and immediately sink into a dark depression and the fear of being all alone associated with that depression can be crippling.

The next days, weeks and months leave you obsessing over what you should’ve done differently.  How do you get the love of your life to see things differently, to come to their senses and remember the good times the two of you secretly shared?

You repeatedly ask yourself, “How could I’ve be thrown away so easily?” and “What will I need to do to fix this quickly before they move on without me?”

You fantasize about them having a different lover, laughing and sharing new intimate experiences. Experiences that are much more fun, rewarding and satisfying than they ever experienced with you. Someone easy, someone who hasn’t been jaded by all the problems that have occurred, over time with you and your “ex”. You secretly wonder if they miss you half as much as you miss them ….and if so WHY DON’T they reach out and make things better?

All of a sudden, life takes on new sense of loneliness that you believe that no one else can relate to. The friends and family members that support you say, “Just get on with your life and move on!”  or they respond with the ever popular, “If it was meant to be it would be.”  Secretly you ‘re ashamed of wanting someone who doesn’t want you! Deep down in your heart of hearts, you know that this is worth fighting for.  This is what you’ve dedicated so much of your time, energy, money and love on.  You’ve invested your heart and soul into this relationship and yes, it might not be perfect but now you see, more clearly than ever, that it’s “perfect for you!”

 And It Gets Worse!Angry couple mad at each other

What if this doesn’t work out?.. What if your ex doesn’t come to their senses and you have to start all over with someone new? The fantasy single is no longer is as appealing as it used to be… If your experience remotely resembled the end of my 22 year marriage, the thought of having to start all over, looking at online dating profiles, going out with creepy strangers and possibly having to be introduced to someone else’s  family seemed almost impossible to fathom.  It’s not like you’re in your 20′s anymore and long to date someone new every night! For goodness sakes, you’re grown now and the prospect of finding love, not to mention just someone decent to date seems like a very tall order.

Current relationship research studies echo those same sentiments. Michigan State University Professor Richard Lucas recently released a reported that found that the level of life satisfaction of divorced and long term partnered adults do not recover to pre-break up levels of happiness even six years after the break up.  In his study, ”Time Does Not Heal All Wounds” he examines the quality of life associated with post a break up satisfaction and the facts are; both women and  men have a hard time moving on and finding partners that make them happier than their previous relationship well beyond 5 years post relationship.

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Here’s The Good NEWS!!Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 10.29.11 AM

It’s not your fault! That’s right…

Even if you cheated, neglected and pushed away your partner it’s not your fault. Now before I lose all credibility I want you to hear me out.

It’s not your fault because until now, you were never taught how to nurture a relationship. You were never taught how to communicate in a manner that left both of you feeling understood. You were never taught conflict resolution or how to keep that loving passionate spark alive. In every other area of human development, you were given some formal training. In high school you were educated about everything: health, science, literature … but no one ever explained relationships. You were taught how to write a perfect essay but never how to write the perfect love letter. Teachers spent countless hours having you memorize the periodic table yet they never taught you the short cuts to creating and sustaining chemistry with your partner. Unfortunately, most Americans have never been taught how to love and be loved. How to navigate and succeed in with love is a subject that we’ve been left to figure out all on our own and in most cases, it has resulted in disastrous aftermaths.


But Now You do

In essence, you’ve been left to fend for yourself. Since the day you were born, you were told but not taught how to develop good relationships with people. So, you’ve spent most of your life aimlessly bouncing from one relationship to another never learning the basic principles of how relatinoships work or how to improve them.

One of the many success stories…

“I learned more in two coaching sessions with you than I did in all  4 yrs of college, and I am a MSW.  Lori, coming to you was one of the most challenging and humbling things I have ever had to do. But after watching your You Tube Videos I got a sense that you are the “real deal!”  I am happy to report that my instinctual nudge was right and I couldn’t be happier with your product and coaching. Although It’s premature to say my ex and I are going to live happily ever after, I do believe that your insight and step by step system helped stream line our success. The best part, as I grew you gave me the tools to help shape my man’s behavior so I didn’t feel like I was the only one doing all the work.  I can’t thank you enough, I feel as though I want to share you with the world, but honestly I am still a little embarrassed that as a psychologist I even need you!  Big Hug,”
Cindi Boulder, Boulder, CO

Your Solution

romanerewindproductFirst step STOP doing the dumb stuff: Yeah I said it… stop shooting yourself in the foot.

To some it may seem obvious but you’re panic stricken, in our haste to stop uncomfortable feelings, you sometimes do things that you later wish you hadn’t. Here are the top 7 things you should STOP doing IMMEDIATELY:

    • Play games and acting uninterested-USING the Fictitious 30 day NO CONTACT RULE- can do extreme harm
    • Trying to persuade your “ex” with bribes or SEX
    • Promising your “ex” that you’ll change without having a step by step plan in place to effect said change
    • Begging or over giving to make your “ex” see that you’re different, when you really aren’t yet
    • Spending your precious time reacting to them instead of re-attracting them
    • Browbeating your “ex” with “I love you’s” in hopes that they will say it back
    • Seeing your “ex” as the enemy and feeling that you have defeat them so that you can win in the relationship

GET a PLANScreen shot 2013-07-09 at 9.36.44 AM

  • You wouldn’t cook a gourmet meal, go back to college or build your dream home without a plan, yet somehow you believe that you can get your “ex” back and have an amazing relationship without one.  No winging it is not a plan! As a matter of fact, if your making contact with your “ex” that doesn’t have a deeper purpose and is positively influencing you are doing MORE HARM than good.
  • Just like a quality meal, it takes just the right ingredients mixed in a specific order to net the best results.  Your relationship’s no different.  The problem to date is you have been giving your recipe way too much salt and not enough flour making your dish taste like crap!  You both have.  It’s time that you get a plan than makes your meal scrumptious, savory and succulent.  Having a great plan that includes: a positive mindset, a confident demeanor combined with the insight to what makes your “ex” melt is exactly what you need.
  • An effective plan will bring you peace of mind.  As soon as you understand how the plan relates to you and your “ex” you’ll feel infinitely better.  It’ll be like magic.  You’ll start to feel safe in the fact that you are not all over the place, running one negative thought after another not knowing fact from fiction.  Implementing my system will produce rapid, positive and dramatic results that will give you that daily piece of mind and comfort that has recently eluded you.

“Lori, I can’t thank you enough for helping me find peace. I was literately going crazy, not sleeping, hardly going to work and my friends were about sick of my belly aching.  But you showed me that having a relationship repair plan not only works it brings tremendous peace! . Whenever I start to fear that our troubles are going to last forever, I go back to what’s my plan is.  It’s simple, effective and you are a genius!  Thanks for making me happy again! PS IT works TOO”
Soph, United Kingdom


 Understand What Turns Your Partner ON

  • I’m not talking about just sex here.  See when you two first met and fell in love, it was because your partner saw something in you that made them and their life better.  They dreamed of a future with you.  A young couple have good time in their bedroomfuture that was better than any they could have alone or with anyone else.  They fell in love with the fantasy of you because you showed them specific characteristics that moved them from, “This is ok” to “Wow, I gotta have them.” The problem is that as life happens and problems become more frequent we lose that ideal we once fell in love with. Quite simply, our perspective changes and our once perfect person doesn’t look quite as perfect anymore.
  • Truth is that during the life cycle of any relationship, this occurs many times.  You begin to lose sight of why you initially fell in love. If you’re not careful you’ll start spending more and more time in the “What I hate about you” vs. “What I love about you” state.
  • Over time, you tend to become more focused on how everything feels to you. You forget that your partner might not be feeling as good about you and the relationship as you do. Consequently, an emotional distance is created that leaves you and your partner drowning in a sea of minutia of problems and issues instead of connecting with what you first found so appealing and alluring about each other in the first place.
  • Re attraction and Re building a relationship starts with knowing why it is that your partner loves you…. Problem is that over time, it can be hard to remember why you fell in love. In the beginning of your relationship, you weren’t paying specific attention to the details because you didn’t have to. Your brain chemistry was producing a euphoric high, flooding your nervous system with all  that beautiful “I’m in love” brain chemistry.  It was passionate that’s for sure but what else was it?  It’s critical to have a clear and concise answer to this question because if you don’t you don’t, you won’t be able to recreate that magical chemistry that’ll remind your “ex” lover why it is they want you and no one else. It’s the least thought of yet most important portion of your plan. 

romance rewind lori pinkertonUnderstand What TURNS You ON

  • That’s right, you and how you feel plays an important role in all of this. I know you’ve been beating yourself up, obsessing over all the little things you could have said and done. Maybe you did something that pissed off your “ex” or maybe it was months of bad decisions and not paying attention to the hints and signs they were giving you. Yes, high in sight is 20/20 but that’s all water under the bridge. None of that matters anymore. What does matters matter is that you take this tragedy and make it a positive force in your life. You can make a difference but it’s imperative that you start right here, right now! Your power doesn’t lie in being able to change the past, it lies in being able to create a future and maximize its potential.
  • It’s time to acknowledge all the good things you bring to a relationship and pat yourself on the back!  It’s impossible to have a meaningful loving relationship if you’re not in love with yourself first.  This is where you’ve gone astray. You start over valuing and idolizing your partner. You forget what makes you special. It’s easy to do because you’re with you everyday and its this familiarity that paves the way for you to overlook, minimize and dismiss your own gifts. Well it’s time to revolt and take note!  All great partnerships require two partners and it’s time for you to claim your worth in the partnership!
  • This break-up can be the best thing that ever happened to you and to your relationship!  No, I’m not kidding. It can be the catalyst that brings light to all the underlying problems that have been present and not just in this relationship but in ones past as well. This situation, is your opportunity to turn this nagging negative tide of sinking relationships that have drowned because of emotional distance and the lack of intimacy into something that’s much more emotionally sea worthy. Over the years I have seen a pattern in my clients and it reads like a sad novel. They want love, they deserve love and yet they can never really get to that “magical” place with that special someone. If by some miracle, they did achieve a minute sampling of this “magic” it was fleeting and by accident. It was as if there was some sort of  invisible ceiling that said,”The limit’s the sky.” Now it’s time to lift that invisible ceiling once and for all.

GET the RESULTS YOU WANTromantic picnic

  • I’m sure you’re getting all kinds of advice!!  Some helpful and some not so helpful… Your family and friends, because they love you, they can’t and won’t be objective.  It’s not their role. Their role is to protect you from the evil things you may not see. So from their biased vantage point, they give you the best advice.  Many times their advice leaves you feel confused and conflicted because you can see, that in some aspects, they’re absolutely right yet there are other times when you feel they don’t really understand the “whole” story and if they did, they’d see the situation in a totally different light. Appreciate their role and limit their influence. They aren’t you and it’s their life experiences that’s guiding the advice that they offer (solicited or not) to you. Thank them and limit your exposure to their well-intended advice. During this difficult time, you don’t need to be subjected to any more skepticism or criticism while you’re trying to get back on your emotional feet. 
  • Know the difference between advice and coaching. Yes, believe it or not most of what’s out on the Internet is nothing more than Dear Abby Advice. This advice contains NO substantial training nor any proven techniques, just one person presenting their experience as “fact.” Coaching on the other hand is a profession, one in which hours upon hours are devoted to learning what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating solutions. It’s not opinion it’s technique. An example advice would be if I were to tell you, “Being with your “ex” is not in your best interest because they are a serial cheater.”… That’s advice.  An example of coaching would be if I were to ask you asked, “Why you are drawn into relationships where your repeatedly cheated on and how can we break this cycle?.” Coaching is a process takes you on a safe journey one which focuses on positive outcomes directed by you, not a judgement or perspective that I give you advise on. 



Honestly, how important is this to you?  If you don’t invest the time and energy into this relationship you’ll forever be left to wonder might have been. Is it possible that a love like this will NEVER come your way again? I don’t know this answer for you but I do know that I have worked with many men and women 30 years young and above and when they look back on their past relationships, they wish that they would’ve taken the time and made the investment in themselves and in their relationships to find better solutions.

Happy mature couple on the beachIt’s Your Turn

Don’t’ wait… I can’t take the first step for you but I can be there every step of the way there after. I promise you that your problems aren’t too big, too far gone and too bizarre. It’s NOW OR NEVER… The longer you wait the more awkward things get. You know what happens when things get awkward, you look the other for something that’s more appealing to make you forget about the pain, hurt and despair of missing your “ex” but in your heart you know no one can replace what it was that you’ve lost. DON”T LET THIS HAPPEN…It’s your turn, you deserve to have that “The limit’s the sky” invisible ceiling lifted once and for all and enjoy the love that you not only crave but deserve. It’s not easy but I promise you that it’s the best decision you will ever make.


Why Is Romance Rewind Different From ANYTHING Else…




What Goodies You’re Getting

18 bite size videos that tell you exactly what steps to take and when.

Along with a downloadable eBook that walks you easily through the three phases.

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Here’s How It Works…

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My Personal No-Risk 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee:

If I were in your shoes, I’d want to be able to go through the whole program and if I wasn’t satisfied… I’d want my money back.

Well, I think that’s a fair deal.

So order now. See the changes it makes in your life. I know you’ll be blown away.

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It’s that simple – and it’s ZERO RISK. You win either way.

NOTE: Attract Your Ex Blueprint  is a downloadable e-book and video membership site. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonuses onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. The videos will be hosted on a safe secure server that  you create your personal log in information for.  The product in it’s entirety is accessible 24/7 365 days a year. You have to worry about being billed more than once for the product no matter how many times you log in.


“How To Tell If My System Is Right For You…

Who this product is NOT for

Men and women who are in abusive situations or don’t feel valued as human beings in their relationships. There are some relationships that should not be salvaged.  It’s important to me and the integrity of my program that I make sure you are helped and therefore will not support women or men who insist on re attracting abusive relationships.

Men and women that don’t feel the need to grow or make any changes in their overall emotional approach and circumstances aren’t encouraged to purchase my program.  You must posses the desire to be a better friend, partner or lover. If you take pride in your rigidity and possess the “Its my way or the highway” mentality this program is not for you.


Men and women who want to manipulate others and play silly cat and mouse games aren’t ideal candidates for my program. There are lots of products on the Internet that promote this style of communication.  This product is not one of them. Games don’t last and in the long run you’ll find yourself in an It doesn’t last and in the long run, you will run out of juice only to find yourself in an inauthentic relationship built on a crappy foundation.

How Much Is Your Love Worth?

Screen shot 2012-11-07 at 10.42.31 AM

I know there is a lot riding on this decision but for the cost of one night out to dinner at a nice restaurant you can be free of all the pain and frustration that is wreaking havoc on your life, not mention the thought of turning around this run away train you’re on.

Most people going through a breakup feel like they have no control over their life. Their emotions are crushing them and their happiness seems reliant on how their ex behaves.

This is the moment to take back control of your life and your emotions. To quit being the victim and to have a fighting chance of having and KEEPING the love you deserve!

Supercharge Your Results!

Nowhere else, on the web, will you find a legitimate and certified coach offering to provide you with a personalized blueprint and hold your hand through the entire process. If you’re desperate to get your “ex” back yesterday and need my program to be tweaked to suit your individual circumstances then one on one phone or skype expert calls is right for you.  It’s like having your own personal trainer. One who knows first hand what you’re up against and what short cuts can be applied to your personal situation. 

Young businessman acting like a super hero and tearing his shirt

Spots for one on one discounted coaching are limited so if you get an error message at the link below, know that you can still purchase the product and when a spot opens up you can get in at the discounted rate. 



Specialized coaching just for men– Ever wonder what’s happening inside your woman’s head and heart?  Are you tried of trying and failing to keeping her happy? Your efforts have most likely been minimized and over looked. I can show you how to make sure she never overlooks the special characteristics you embody or the special things you do for her ever again. It’s time for her to see the hero you truly are. No more guessing! In a few short sessions, I can help you create and implement your very own game changer. Once you learn this technique, you will be able to use it on any woman you encounter.


Romantic date


Are you feeling like you drove a good guy away? Maybe forever? Second-guessing that if you would’ve played your hand differently you wouldn’t be without him right now? What if he’s gone for good and that next chick appreciates his quirkiness and in return he gives her all of what it is that she wants?  Most the time women, that lose good men, do so because they made it just too difficult to pleased. We know we’re doing it but can’t seem to help ourselves. I say we because I too have been that woman, the one that keeps moving the finishing line and it drove my man crazy. I can show you techniques that will make you always appear to be non-complicated and easy. Men relish easy therefore the less complex you are the more desirable you’ll become. Once you acquire this tool, you’ll be irresistible to any man.



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Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 9.48.49 AMScreen shot 2013-07-17 at 9.49.00 AMScreen shot 2013-07-17 at 9.49.14 AMScreen shot 2013-07-17 at 9.49.40 AMScreen shot 2013-06-12 at 2.43.24 PM

YES Lori! I want my love life back!

Whether you join or not, I truly wish you a long and healthy life. You deserve it. I believe whatever path you choose will be the right one for you at that moment.








Important Note: Romance Rewind Reset is a 100% DIGITAL product. After ordering, you will be sent to a secure, private members area to download everything. No physical copies will be shipped. If you need help downloading anything after you’ve purchased, please contact our support desk inside the private members area.